Vocal Toning on Vowels

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When we practice vocal toning we tune our instrument, our selves.

By toning on vowels we can balance and harmonize our being.

Each vowel is associated with a Chakra and as we focus our energy and voice on each sound current we activate the associated area. Working with vowel sounds can create inner stillness, expansiveness and sense of peace.

Uh (as in huh) – Root Chakra

Ooo (as in book) – Sacral Chakra

Oh (as in so) – Solar Plexus

Ah (as in after) – Heart Chakra

Eye (as in I) – Throat Charka

Eh ( as in egg) – Third Eye

EE (as in bee) – Crown Chakra

I stand on the shoulders of the ones who came before.Thank you Jonathan Goldman, Jill Purse, Pauline Oliveros, for refining the work.