Dorothea Lucaci is a traveler at heart, a healer in spirit, and a sound maven embodied.

She has spent much of her life traveling the world seeking to experience the beauty of nature manifest in all it’s diversity, immersing in the richness of world cultures, studying the mysteries of modern and ancient civilizations, and sharing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom she has gathered from her esoteric studies with other seekers traveling along a similar path.

As Dorothea travels she shares Sound Bath experiences, musical performances, inspiring words, astrological wisdom, powerful workshops, sacred ceremonies, and life changing healing sessions with the communities she visits and with the fellow travelers she meets along her way.

Her great passion is sound and music, and the art of using sound, song, and melody as healing. She masterfully works with the energetic properties of sound currents and mantra to create experiences that elevate the soul, inspire change, and empower her clients and audience to walk their soul path.

Her deep curiosity of the human condition and exploration of diverse walks of life has given her a unique understanding of the the spirit and potential that drives us all.

Dorothea believes that following your heart and living your truth is medicine for a life of joy, wellness, and miracles. That much of the disharmony we experience arises when we come out of alignment with our authentic selves, and that coming back into a state of balance and harmony can create a sense of clarity and peace, and an environment in which the mind, body, heart, and soul can experience growth and healing.

She understands sound and music to be a potent catalyst for this type of change. Music gives voice to individual and collective undercurrents, it creates a bonding experience for communities, and it offers a healthy way of processing emotional states, releasing them from the physical and energetic body through sound vibrations.

When emotions are expressed through sound and song effectively they can redirect the course of history.

“To me, music is an extension of the human spirit’s deep desire to tell it’s story, and to be appreciated, accepted, and understood for it’s creative interpretation of life.”

Apart from her sound baths and musical performances, Dorothea offers private sessions that are an intuitive blend of her many studies and life experiences. The soul medicine she offers is always guided by sound, Theta Healing®, Reiki, and Astrology.

When booking a private Soul Dance Session with Dorothea you’ll experience one of her bespoke blends of intuitive healings, individually crafted to support your personal wellness and transformational journey.

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