Aries New Moon Sound Meditation and Mantra to Inspire Inner Peace and Awaken the Warrior Mind

This Aries New Moon is a time of great initiation. Aries is the inner warrior, brave and independent, it wants to experience life from a place of instinct and desire.

During this time of pandemic crisis it’s important to keep our immune system strong, fear, stress, worry and anxiety compromise our immunity. Our inner warrior needs to initiate from a place of peace so it can make decisions that are in integrity with its strong and eager spirit.


Our journey starts with a four part breath to opens the lungs, the pores, the body and allow for a sense of lightness, expansion and freedom. After the breath brings us into a state of stillness we move through a chant to focus the Warrior Mind so we can make courageous decisions from a state of peacefulness. We end the experience with a sound immersion to align and integrate those energies.


Syllables of the Warrior Mind to Protect from Distractions

Chant these with deep inhales, concentrating on the vibration within the body to open the channels along the spine, drawing energy from the crown through to the root.

AAH – Crown Chakra – Elevation and clarity

AUM or OM – Throat Chakra – Openness

HUNG – Solar Plexus – Expansion

RAM – Navel – Ripening

DZA – Root Chakra – Liberation and manifestation