There is magic in the skin your in, this magic inspires healing.

There is an art to being your being, this art is your cosmic footprint.

There is a dance to your becoming; an expression to your human essence.

Your soul dance is your own, live it, love it, constantly become it.


Within you there is an alchemy of sounds singing together in a symphony that manifested a singular and unique entity. Sound is your vibration, it is every vibration, music breaths you into being and lulls you out of existence. It is the way of creation, and you are a song that only you can sing.

Dreaming Moondance is an embodiment of the way sound can bring us back to balance, harmony, and beauty through the transcendent sounds of enchanting instruments, mantra, music, and guided meditations.

Here you’ll find sound baths, events, mantra, and recordings of music and guided meditations.

DOROTHEA LUCACI is a musician, alternative healing artist, poet and eternal student of ancient wisdom and modern science.
She spent many years traveling the world, 13 of which she lived NYC where she had the privilege of studying mantra, sound, drumming, music, astrology, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, the Akashic Record Reading, Integrative Hypnosis & Life Coaching, among other modalities and disciplines, with great masters who came to this mecca to share their wisdom.
She believes that sound, music, and mantra are remedies that soothe the soul, and bring the spirit back to beauty, love and joy.
She loves to share the wealth of knowledge and experience she has acquired with other seekers awakening to their own soul dance.
Dorothea offers private alternative healing sessions, in addition to her public events.
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“Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

The mystics have known, the sages of the ages have shared in poetic words, the enlightened ones have taught, that music is the language of the soul. They understood that we are vibrational beings, that even within the density of flesh there is movement, dancing, sound pulsating, a song always playing. And, that when listing to the music outside of us which penetrates our hearts the sound opens a portal that leads the seeker into a communion with self, harmony with the universal song, and a knowing of the soul.

Rudolf Steiner said, “A tone is at the foundation of everything in the physical world”. A tone can sound harmonious when engaging with another, and within the harmony created between the internal and the external world our soul can dance along a wave to merge the physical with the mystical, and therefore the inner symphony with the cosmic orchestra that is always playing.

This union creates the inner bliss and ecstasy many long for, it exists beyond the disharmony of tones which, with time, love, patience, and perseverance can be resolved.


“Research shows that listening to the right kind of music can help you sleep better, enhance your immune system, reduce pain and even help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. As an oncologist and internist who has made music an integral part of my practice, I use this power of music to assist in the healing of my patients every day.” –Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Author of The Healing Power of Sound.

Science has found that often emotions are triggered by sounds attached to memories. That listening to music releases dopamine and other happiness drugs into our system, helping us process those emotions and memories.

Science has also found that music activates the whole brain, creating the very harmony that the wise ones speak of. This harmony supports the ease of connection to who we are, and offers us the inner space needed for the body to facilitate its own healing.


Our voices are powerful tools of transformation and change. Words are spells that when uttered with faith, conviction, heart and repetition can alter our whole reality. Mantra takes this alchemical process to the heights of the divine, touching the source of creation.

Mantras are sound vibrations that have been channeled by ancient sages and mystics from the great beyond. As Thomas – Ashley Farrand says, “Mantras are energy-based sounds that create thought energy waves.” When we connect to the energy of a mantra we are taken under its wing and into its vibration, meaning and essence.

When chanted with commitment and devotion over a prolonged period of time mantras have the power to reshape our minds, thought patterns, and therefore our experience of reality. Because, as we immerse ourselves in that energy wave we come into resonance with it, get weaved into its dance, and eventually merge completely.

The lineage of devotees, believers and seekers who have chanted various mantra’s with faith and reverence have added to the potency of each of those mantras, and their meaning. So when we chant we are not alone, we are a voice in a living choir that transports us into the realm from where the mantra came. 

“Our normal speech and the language to which we give voice with our confused tongues and hear with our confused ears have no capacity to transmit the infinite knowledge and bliss that dawns from within. The world’s mundane languages are like the early morning fog that clouds our vision; the rays of mantra are the light in which this fog evaporates, illuminating the horizon of our inner world. Bathed in this illumination, the seer communicates in a language which the yogis call sandhya bhasa, the twilight language. This is the original, universal language that existed before the confusion of tongues described in the Old Testament account of the Tower of Babel.” Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Dreaming Moondance | Dorothea Lucaci

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Currently based in: Melbourne, Australia

Offering Events in: Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria, Virtually around the world.

I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and wish to pay my respects to the Indigenous elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has not been ceded.