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ONLINE: Sagittarius New Moon Meditative Sound Journey

November 24 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm AEDT

Join us for this very fortunate New Moon meditative sound journey, and plant intentions seeds with us for the coming year

Ticket sales close 15 minutes before event!

*** This is an online event that will be held on Zoom.us, please download the app and look out for an invite from Eventbrite/Zoom to your inbox, when joining the meeting please use the same name you purchased tickets with.***

Arrive a little early to check in, bring some headphones for better listening, and find a quiet spot to relax and immerse in the experience.

Immerse in the Experience:

Come join us for this fortune filled Sagittarius New Moon, and plant seeds of intention that aligned to the broader vision you have for your life.

We’ll chat about the astrology of the day, and how it will affect the next season of our life, the archetypes at play, and ways the transits may manifest in our lived experiences.

We’ll set powerful intentions in alignment with the Lunation and planetary currents that are highlighted at this New Moon.

From there we’ll move into the experience with a pranayama practice. Guiding you through breath into a relaxed state, a mantra practice to quiet the mind, and a guided meditation to melt you deeper into the experience.

We’ll immerse in the vibrations of a sound bath, creating space for deep relaxation, and the release of tension, stress, and stagnant emotions.

When we enter this peaceful and expanded state of being the mind, body, emotions, and spirit are given the opportunity to soothe, re-calibrate, and restore to inner harmony.

From this place of resonance we can build, align and connect to our greatest potential.

Sagittarius New Moon:

Sag is the optimist, the traveler, the seeker of truth and natural law. It looks at the broad future vision with optimism, faith and joy, because it understands that it is tethered to something greater, to an eternal spirit that is eternally wise and benevolent.

This New Moon will be trine it’s Ruler, Jupiter the giver of gifts and luck amplifying it’s potency.

In it’s happy conversation with the Sun and Moon, Jupiter will bestow its blessings and favor on those showing up to step into something greater, into the belief that they can achieving the greater vision, and into the faith and hope necessary to get them to their goal.

Proven Benefits of Sound Therapy:

** Reduces stress and anxiety

** Improve immune and nervous system health

** Improves sleep and relaxation

** Boosts your mental, emotional and energetic state of being

** Helps release emotional tension

** Helps you maintaining a healthy spiritual and self-care practice

Sound is the gateway to the soul, when we sit and listen, we begin to hear the silence between sounds, and from there are transported to other worlds, and to the depth of our soul.

Friends of the world, please note the start time applicable to your timezone:


It will be 23 November in these areas:




It will be 24 November in these areas:

11AM AEDT (Melbourne AU Time)

NZ, 1pm:

TOKYO, 9am:

MANILA, 8am:

(Please check your time zone by googling Melbourne, AU time.)


About Dreaming Moondance:

Dorothea Lucaci is an intuitive healing artist, astrologer and musician.

Along her educational journey she became a Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Astrologer, and Sound Therapist, who also holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Psychology. In addition to these disciplines Dorothea has studied Past Life Regression, Integrative Hypnosis, Life Coaching, the Akashic Records, Access Bars, and other complementary Energy Medicine modalities.

Dorothea has spent the past 7 years studying sound and music extensively with various teachers from different traditions across NYC, Melbourne and around the world.

She offers Sound, Mantra, Chants, Meditation, and Past Life Regression events as well as bespoke private healing sessions using her vast expertise.


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